If you play a sport such as soccer and football then you know the importance to having fast feet and agility.  The ability to move your feet quickly impacts your performance by allowing you to quickly move directions, block, tackle, throw, and catch.  Elite athletes have one thing in common and that is they use drills that build fast feet.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and soccer coach, one of my most prized pieces of equipment in my Agility Ladder.  There are so many different drills that you can perform (or have your athletes perform) using the agility ladder.  Since most of the athletes I work with are soccer or football athletes I will break down a few of my favorites.

I recommend putting your foot drills in at the beginning of your training session when they are stronger.  Attempting to perform foot training after you have trained the rest of your body will be difficult and will not be as beneficial.  In order to train for fast feet they must be fresh.  After all, you must make your feet move fast in order to train for faster feet.


One Foot Run:


Starting Position: Start at one end of the ladder and place your dominate foot (right) in the first square.  Your left foot should be parallel with the right foot but be placed outside of the square.

Movement: Move forward making sure to step in each square with your right foot only; your left foot should remain outside of the square throughout this portion of the drill.  After you have completed the ladder with the right foot inside of the square 3 times switch feet.  Now your left foot should remain inside of each square.

Key take away: You shouldn’t spend much time with your foot on the ground. Remember you are training your feet to move fast.


Buzz Saw:


Starting Position: Standing along the side of the ladder with both feet outside of the first square.

Movement: Move laterally along the outer side of the square placing each foot into each square before moving laterally.  First place your right foot into the square and then your left before moving your right foot out and then your left.

Key take away: Move your feet in and out of each square as fast as possible while moving laterally down the ladder.


Hop Scotch:


Starting position: Start by standing behind the first square on the ladder.  Feet should be even with each other in an athletic stance.

Movement: The first movement is to hop towards the first square and separate your feet so they land on the outer edge of the second square.  Then bring both feet together as they land inside of the second square.  Then continue by separating your feet as you did at the start of the movement.

Key take away: Improve coordination and foot speed by moving faster on each pass down the ladder.


Using an agility ladder is an inexpensive way for coaches and athletes to help build fast feet for athletic competition.  Drills performed using the agility ladder will assist not only with fast feet but will also improve joint and ligament strength but also help with coordination and focus.

For those of you who may be interested in using the agility ladder to increase overall fitness, when done with a higher level of intensity, the agility ladder also is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Some studies have shown that the agility ladder not only helps with fast feet but is also a superior form of cardio exercise to burn more calories.

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