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There can be a number of reasons why you may be thin.  The most apparent reason may be your genetics.  Having naturally thin parents who have a small body frames will most certainly be passed down to you.

There is another factor…your metabolism.  If you have problems gaining weight of any type, either muscle or fat, then you probably have a fast metabolism. Put simply, your body is a calorie burning machine…all of the time.


Meal timing


So you struggle with gaining weight and you are wondering why?

Although there could be many reasons why you are thin the most dominate reason is probably your metabolism.  As mentioned earlier, if your parents have a small body frame and are naturally thin then you will most likely have a small body frame as well.

Your size can be controlled by your metabolism to some degree.  If you’re having a difficult time gaining any type of weight means that you have a fast metabolism.  This just means that your body burns calories at a faster than normal pace. When you’re planning a particular diet and training program you must take your metabolism into account.  Ask yourself if the program is geared towards someone with your metabolism and goals.

There are hundreds, thousands ways to train.  Some of these ways work and other do not.  If your goal is gaining weight then there are a few things that skinny guys and gals MUST do.

A lot of the information I cover here is not a quick fix to your skinny issue.  I consider these rules to be weight gain basics. All of your questions will not be answered here but these issues must be addressed if you want to be successful in your weight gain program.

You should be able to easily integrate these rules into your current program to make it more suitable for your particular body and goals.


More Muscle Mass



  1. Make sure you’re getting the proper information to meet YOUR specific goals and conditions.

One of the biggest problems I find is that most people are not getting the correct information. Being motivated and doing “things” may be wasted if you’re getting the wrong diet and training information. For instance, if you’re a skinny guy or gal and you are taking advice from someone who has never had an issue with weight gain.  If you truly want accurate information then find someone who has ‘walked in your shoes’.


  1. Create a plan of attack that lines with your specific goal.

Look at it this way, if you were driving across country would you just get in your car and start driving?  Probably not.  You would want to plan a route in order to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You plan has to be a specific in order to get you to your destination (goal).  If you do not have a specific plan on how to reach your goals you can get easily distracted and side tracked. This is very common when it comes to fitness So many people go to the gym and do “whatever”, or just eat what they want with no plan or specific goal. Then they get frustrated and quit.  They lack focus.

The fact is that having a specific program to follow allows you to take action each day. These actions are focused specifically on getting you to reach your goals. The best part is that it takes the guess work out of it.  You just have to follow it!  A plan that is specific provide you the structure that keeps you moving forward.  It also helps you to develop good eating and training habits that will benefit you for years to come.


  1. Have the confidence in yourself and belief in what you are doing.


The world is a cruel place we live in.  People that hate and are jealous are everywhere.  Getting started to begin a fitness program for self-improvement is half the battle.  But staying motivated throughout the constant negativity from others is the other half. A few negative words can do serious damage if you allow it.

People hate change.  It’s an unfortunate fact of life.  Some of the most insulting things you hear will be from your friends, co-workers, and gym acquaintances. Just the mere thought of you changing makes them insecure.  They will see that there is more to you than they were willing to admit. You reaching your goals makes them look less “superior”.

Have faith and belief in what you’re doing.  Stay focused, dedicated, and avoid overly critical or negative people.  In might be a good idea to keep your business to yourself if you have to.  I remember when I first began my program, I stopped talking about what I was doing because I got tired of hearing things like “you can’t do that”, “that’s impossible”, “you’re wasting your time and money”. Now after over 20 years those same people are coming to me for advice.

Realize that it’s you life, your body, your dream! Don’t allow your success or failure to rest in the hands of others.


In Part 2 of this article, I will cover your workout rules and guidelines to MAKE SURE you gain muscle.

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