If you have dreams of making it to the ‘Big Leagues’ than you must realize that running miles and miles or spending loads amount of time in the weight room will not get you there; you need to implement agility training..  Many years ago coaches were ill-equipped to correctly train their athletes and giving them the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential.


In my early years of competing in athletic competitions I remember my coaches having us run, do push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks.  Little did we know back then that none of those exercises would bring us to an elite level.  It wasn’t until I began to study for my Strength and Conditioning Specialist certificate did I realize that they had it all wrong.


Agility training will encompass strength training, power training, acceleration/deceleration, coordination, balance, and flexibility.  Missing out on any of the mentioned areas of athletic training can derail you from reaching your full potential.

Agility training may be the best way to predict success in any sport.  The reason for this is competing in a sport is not a straight ahead or straight backwards activity.  During any sporting event you will be required to change direction, accelerate quickly, and stop quickly.  It is very rare that you will move statically forward or backwards.  Although being able to move efficiently will give you the best opportunity at becoming one of the elite athletes in your sport.


Agility training provides the athlete with performance benefits: neuromuscular adaptation, improved athleticism, injury prevention and decreased rehabilitation time.  Having a comprehensive agility program to follow focused on your given sport will benefit your performance above anything else.


When I am working with an athlete I will often begin with an assessment which will include strength, leg power, speed, and agility.  Having an assessment in place gives me the ability to start you off at a point that will be most beneficial.  If you are more advanced then starting you off at a beginner’s level will not benefit you until we would move on to more complex drills.  On the other hand if you are a beginner starting you off at an advanced level can cause injury or over training since your body will not be prepared to handle the added stress.

Power and Speed Training


By following a well-designed Agility Training Program can give you the opportunity to realize your full potential in your chosen sport.  In the early years many coaches were not equipped, through knowledge, to train their athletes appropriately giving them the best chance to reach their full potential.  The first step is to know your sport and position.  The next step is to sing-up for my Elite Sports Training program so I can guide you to Greatness by giving you the exact Sports Training program that will help you reach your full potential.

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