One of the first things that you need to understand is that the body is extremely adaptable.  As a Fitness Trainer one of the first things I need to do is to understand what a client wants to achieve from their exercise program.  If my client wants a healthier life style but does not necessarily want to start an exercise program, then increases in other activities such as walking, doing yard work, and washing their car can help reach their goals.  If my clients have larger goals then I will need to determine the correct elements to help them reach their goals.

Most of the clients that I work with want to increase their performance in recreational activities. Depending on their chosen sport I may need to help then increase their endurance by focusing on the oxidative energy system and endurance exercises.  However if they want to be a better basketball player then I would not only focus on their endurance but also on improving their power, speed and agility.  If a client is interested in their overall appearance then I would need to focus on their diet and implementing an exercise program that focuses on burning fat.

There is not a client that I work with that I have not applied the 7 “Granddaddy” Principles of Fitness to their programs.  This is a must if I want them to get the most out of their program and their money.   The reason why these 7 principles are so important is that by following these principles in developing a personalized fitness program you produce long term, injury free overall fitness development.  It will also allow improved performance with minimal risk of injury.

Follow the below listed Principles for long term fitness development and finally reach the goals you have been looking for.

  1. Train the way the person wants their body to change.
  2. Eat a well-balanced, high performance diet.
  3. Establish realistic goals.
  4. Have a workout plan.
  5. Train year round.
  6. Get in shape gradually.
  7. Do not train when ill or seriously injured.
  8. Train first for volume (repetitions) and only later for intensity (weight/resistance).
  9. Listen to the body.
  10. Vary the volume and intensity of workouts.
  11. Work on weaknesses
  12. Train systematically.
  13. Warm-up and cool-down
  14. Train the mind to focus.
  15. Listen to “Coach Pain.”
  16. Learn all that is possible about exercise.
  17. Have fun! Keep proper perspective.

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