If you have started or have been using a diet program you have probably been confused as to how much food (macronutrients) to consume per day.  Are you tired of measuring out your meals?  Throw away your food scale and follow this simple plan to lose fat or maintain your perfect body weight!

Did you know that your hand size is related to your body size? Using your hands to measure your food intake is an excellent way to personalize your measuring and tracking your food intake.  Don’t give up on your diet because you don’t understand how to measure out your food intake.

The most important part of any diet is portion control.  But how do you know that you are getting the amount of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables) your body needs every day? So I have found the perfect tool to measure your portions!  The best part is you can take it with you wherever you go!  It’s your HANDS!  Bigger people have larger hands and require more food and smaller people have smaller hands and require less food.

Here is how to use your hands to measure out your meals no matter where you are.  I have broken it down into men and women’s portions to make it as easy as possible.


Proteins: 2 palms full

Carbohydrates: 2 cupped handfuls

Fats: 2 full thumbs

Vegetables: 2 fists full

Fruits: 1-2 palm full per day


Proteins: 1 palm full

Carbohydrates: 1 cupped handful

Fats: 1 full thumb

Vegetables: 1 fist

Fruits: 1-2 palms full

Can it get any easier! This guide will help you stay on track and since you always have your hands with you, you will always know your portions. This diet works best when 4 meals per day are consumed.

In the photo above I have detailed what plate portions should look like.  If you are still confused about your portions then print this plate guide and compare it to your plate.

Some other tips that will help you in your quest for a healthier body are:

  • Eat slowly and stop eating when you’re 80% full.
  • Follow hunger cues. Eat more or less based on your appetite.
  • Choose mostly whole foods with minimal processing.
  • Choose local or organic foods when possible.
  • Use smaller or larger plates based on your own body size.

Now what if you want to gain muscle or are still having trouble losing weight?  Here are some tips in case your goals change:

  • Clients who want to gain lean mass may need to throw in another thumb of fat or cupped handful of carbs at a few meals.
  • Clients who want to lose body fat might remove 1 thumb of fat and/or 1 cupped handful of carbs at a few meals.

Of course, just like any other form of nutrition planning – including detailed calorie counting – this meal template is just a starting point. You can’t know exactly how your clients will respond in advance. So stay flexible and “steer dynamically.”

There you have it! As you can see this is a DIET GAME CHANGER! If you are still unsure you can sign up for my Personalized Diet Program where I will design a diet plan specifically for you!



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