If you are looking for a better way to gain more muscle mass and have not tried Drop Sets then you must add this muscle building technique to your workout program.

Drop sets are completed by performing an exercise for a determined amount of repetitions and then dropping the weight and performing another set immediately after the first.  You continue to drop the weight until you reach total muscle failure.  This particular technique was developed way back in 1947 and has been used by professional fitness athletes to build more muscle mass by recruiting more muscle fibers.

There are many different variations of the drop set which can be done for each muscle group.  Here are just a few:

Drop and Go:

Barbell curl

Muscles worked: Biceps

Since most gyms have set barbells (ranging from 10 pounds to 110 pounds).  Start off by selecting 3 different barbells.  One barbell should be a weight that you can complete 6-8 repetitions with and the others should be 10-20 pounds lighter than the first.

Example: 1st barbell=80 pounds, 2nd barbell=70 pounds, 3rd barbell=50 pounds

Place the barbells on the floor each about 3 feet apart from the other.  Stand at the first barbell and complete your set.  Once complete immediately drop the barbell step forward, and grab the second barbell.  Once the 2nd set is complete (to failure) drop the barbell, step forward and grab the 3rd barbell and complete the set to failure.

Drop Sets

In order to prevent over training complete no more than 3 sets of this drop set.

Run the Rack:

Lateral raise

Muscles worked: Lateral deltoid

The way to perform the ‘Run the Rack’ drop set is to stand in front of the dumbbell rack and grab a set of dumbbells that allow you to perform 6-8 repetitions.  Perform the lateral raise until you have completed the desired amount of repetitions.  Upon completion place the dumbbells back on the rack and grab the next set of dumbbells, usually 10-15 pounds lighter than the first, and perform the lateral raise until failure.  On the third set grab a set of dumbbells that are lighter than the second and perform the lateral raise until failure.

The drop set can be used for so many different exercises.  If you train alone it is best to use machines in compound exercises while performing the drop set.  It goes without saying that you must take your safety into account as you will be reaching total muscle failure which can cause you to break your form.

Once you begin to add the drop set into your workout you will see just how difficult they are to perform.  You will be activating many muscle fibers during the movements which will give your body an explosion of growth.  Although many trainers believe that you should not use the drop sets every single workout due to the intensity of the exercise, you should gauge this by your progress and your recovery.  Since everyone is different, you may be able to use them more often than others.

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