Do you know what does the recent popularity of the kettlebell teach us about training? Most people look at the kettlebell as nothing more than a new tool to work out with.  The truth is the kettlebell gives us a new approach to working out at your home gym. Using other tools other than those you may see at your local gym will not only make your workout less expensive, it will be adding more value and making them more powerful.

Think of it this way, you have been told time and again that in order for your body to change you need to keep it guessing.  The results will be the development of new muscle control and new power!  Using something that is an unusual size and shape forces your body to adapt.  This adaptation results in better fitness, strength gains, fat loss, and muscle gains.

As a teenager I was always looking at different items in my garage and around my house in order to find anything that could make a powerful training tool.  You’d be surprised on how many things make a great training tool!

Kettlebell Home Gym

Even a Chair can be turned Into a Powerful Training Tool

Take a standard dining table chair for example. This has a shape and size that makes it quite unwieldy and very unbalanced – perfect for the type of training we’re interested in.

So here’s an example of how to transform a standard dining room chair into a training tool; grab the back of the chair at the top with two hands. Now, hold the chair over your head and proceed to press it. The awkward angle and balancing will activate more muscle fibers and is a great shoulder press exercise.

Better yet, you can use this to perform something akin to a tricep extension mixed with a front raise and bicep curl. In this same starting position – legs pointing toward the ceiling and hands gripped onto the top of the backrest, allow the chair to drop down behind your back so that your arms are bent over your shoulders. Now extend using your triceps, so that the chair is back to the starting position. Then lower your elbows and extend your arms, so that they are pointing out straight in front of you.

To bring the chair back, curl it using your biceps and then pull your elbows up so that they are pointing to the ceiling and the chair is behind your back.

Have you figured out what muscle groups you activated using a chair?  No?  Let me help you out.  The muscle groups that you can train using a dining room chair are the shoulders, triceps, lats (back), biceps, and many more.  But one muscle group that will get the most work is your forearms by having to balance, control, and keep the weight steady.

And of course that’s just one potential move. How about swinging the chair around your head in a ‘halo’ motion?

And the chair is just one example. The point we’re making here is that any item in your home can be used for training. And actually, the more unconventional and awkward it looks, the better it’s going to be for your training goals!

Get creative and think outside the box. Your gains will thank you!



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