Powerbuilding is a term that describes a certain type of training that has a specific goal and that uses specific methods to get there.

When you combine traditional bodybuilding with traditional powerlifting you create Powerbuilding. The first thing you need to do in order to understand Powerbuilding is to know the difference between the two.

 Bodybuilding VS Powerlifting

When someone is completely focused on building muscle size, then their main goal is Bodybuilding. To accomplish this, athletes will use longer ‘sets’ involving repetitions as high as 8, 10 or even 15. One of te main concepts in Bodybuilding is ‘time under tension’.  This helps this lifter to perform an exercise for a longer period of time without putting the weight down.  By doing that, the Bodybuilder’s goal is to increase the muscle pump by flooding the muscle cells with blood, oxygen, nutrients, and metabolites like growth hormones which will stimulate muscle growth. This causes the muscle to swell with sarcoplasm and fluids, becoming larger and ‘puffier’ while increasing muscle endurance.

If the athlete is training primarily for strength then they are training as a Powerlifter. The goal is to lift heavier weights and recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are more explosive. In the process you are creating microscopic tears in the muscle fibers which will cause your body to grow more muscle fibers over time with rest. These muscle fibers grow when they’re repaired using protein in the diet, which in turn results in stronger muscle.





But what if you don’t just want to look good? And what if you don’t want to be strong, while potentially still looking thin or overweight? That’s where powerbuilding comes in, which is one of the best ways to achieve ‘athletic aesthetics’.

The principle here is to combine the two types of training into one routine.

One way you can do this is by performing a training split; one for strength and the other for size. If you train four days a week for instance, you may do two days of powerlifting and then two days of bodybuilding. Alternatively, you might train for size and strength in the same workout – perhaps beginning by lifting very heavy weights a few times at the start of the workout and then moving on to higher sets and lighter weights as you progress.

And if you’re really ambitious, you can even create exercises that will target both kinds of hypertrophy in a single routine. Drop sets for example are one way you can do this!

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