After being involved in the Fitness and Bodybuilding industry for most of my adult life; I have seen some crazy exercise techniques.  In most of these instances the person performing the training routine is a beginner who is trying to do an exercise the same way a more advanced trainer is doing.  What most beginners don’t seem to realize is that some of these training programs take years to perfect.

When I start with someone who is new the the exercise world I emphasize simplicity.  I have found that the more complex a movement the greater chance of injury.  Now this doesn’t mean that the movement itself is bad or not worth doing.  It simply means that you are not ready for a complex movement.  If you haven’t prepared yourself for executing a movement correctly you wont get the benefit of the movement.  A good trainer will start you off slowly in order to get your muscles and joints in condition to handle movements that have different angles.

The truth about training programs is that you must start off with the most basic training program before you move on to a more complex training program.  I have seen so many youth enthusiasts come into the gym and watch an experienced trainer perform an exercise and then attempt the same exercise without even know why the movement is important.  Americans are always looking for the fastest way to reach their goals whether it is in getting fit or making more money.  I hate to break it to you folks, there are no short cuts in getting fit.  You can not do 1000 sit-ups and think that alone will give you a six pack!  It may seem like it is shrinking your waistline, and it is to some extent because it is causing your abdominal muscle to remain contracted which in turn appears to make your waist smaller.  But the truth is that even the most advanced fitness enthusiast doesn’t see their abs until they have dieted for an extended period of time.

So then whats the Truth About Training Programs?  Keep it simple!  If you are a regular attendee at your local fitness club you may have seen people who have competed or are preparing for a competition.  Pay attention to their training.  By the way, don’t miss out on your training watching someone else train!  Anyway, there are times when a competitor is trying to improve for the next competition and when they are getting ready to compete.  There is a HUGE difference in the way they train.  As a competitor I would only perform basic compound movements during the time of year where I was trying to improve my physique  My goal would be to pack on more muscle and bring up my weaker areas.  The best way to do this is to perform basic movements.  Simple right?

When I was preparing for a competition I would add in movements that worked my muscles at different angles in order to “carve” out the shape of each muscle group.  In order to achieve this I needed to perform exercises that needed more focus and lighter weight.  This is not “simple”.  In fact it can be dangerous if you perform these exercises at different angles with heavy weight.  Do not let what you see become what you do.  It will not help you any faster.

For those who are just starting out with an training program, stick to the basics.  Every fitness athlete goes back to the basics.  It is the foundation for creating an amazing body!

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